RANGER LIU (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. They graduated cum laude from Columbia University in 2022 with degrees in Astrophysics and Computer Science (Intelligent Systems). They are currently an MFA candidate in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design, graduating in May 2024.
Their creative work investigates theoretical frameworks of knowledge, including astronomy, physics, mathematics, and linguistics, and the ways in which these frameworks can be translated, combined, broken, and reshaped through visual, sonic, and physical expression. 
Their astronomical research investigates impact ejecta in exoplanetary systems to test the viability of panspermia as an origin of life. 
They are classically trained in piano and can get by on the guitar, bass, ukulele, and drums. In their free time, you can find them solving Rubik's Cubes, bouldering, and reading sci-fi.