February 2022
NASA Psyche Inspired
32 x 32 in. 
rockite, iron oxide pigment, aluminum + copper pipe, cardstock, poster board, acrylic paint

Circle Chess takes inspiration from asteroids of the Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt. The concentric rings of the circular chess board evoke the idea of orbits. White pieces represent asteroids from the Kuiper Belt, with eight gold bands reflecting the Kuiper Belt’s location outside the eight planets. Black pieces represent asteroids from the Asteroid Belt, with four silver bands on either side of the central sphere reflecting the Asteroid Belt’s location between the eight planets. Each piece bears the astronomical symbol of its associated asteroid on its base. The shapes of the rooks, knights, bishops, queens, and kings are derived from their movement patterns on the circular chess board.
The chosen materials, concrete and metal, represent the rocky and/or metallic composition of asteroids. Subtle imperfections from the casting process also reflect the uniqueness of each asteroid.​​​​​​​