Intergalactic Hyperlumina Transpo. Station 41A2
April 2022
watercolor paper, cardstock, trace paper, electrical tape, acrylic paint, paint markers, gel pen, graphite
This is a playful, speculative design in the style of architectural drawings. It depicts a technical plan of two faster-than-light travel stations that use magnetic monopoles to tunnel through the Dirac Sea. 
Departing ships must pass through an Antiparticle Scanner, a Quark Limiter, a Boson License Checkpoint, an Acceleration Cectorizer, and a Fermion Constituentator. Magnetic monopole flight paths are programmed using the Temporal Localizer and Spatial Localizer, and the monopoles are attached to the ships by the Monopole Affixer. Ships then exit through the DCD Infinite Negative Potential Shielder, into the Dirac Sea. 
Once inside the Dirac Sea, ships use their Antipion Paramagnetic Defense Shields to fend off Piratical Pion Clusters.
Arriving ships come in through the DCD Infinite Negative Potential Shielder and relinquish their monopoles to the Monopole Deactivator. Ships then pass through a Fermion Reconstitutor, Pionic Particle Sanitolysis, an Extrastandard Hadron Neutralizer, and finally another Boson License Checkpoint.