Quantum Romantics
Fall 2023
Quantum Romantics is my attempt at understanding love and desire through the lens of quantum mathematics, presented as an hour-long performative lecture and 60-page notebook.​​​​​​​
Quantization is one of the fundamental principles of quantum physics. It tells us that physical reality is not infinite and continuous in its possibilities, as classical mechanics would have it; but rather, reality can only take a certain finite subset of discrete possible values. 
We accept this paradoxical notion as experimental truth, and under the name quantum mechanics - quantized mechanics - we pursue its mathematical extrapolations to their bizarre conclusions about the behaviors of force and motion in particles.
What happens when we apply this principle of quantization and its mathematical logic to the behaviors of love and desire in persons? What bizarre and paradoxical notions of love might be uniquely captured in these equations? What philosophical implications arise from this quantization of romantics?