February 2023 
pen on red rosin paper
Logic, Premiere

WEEKLIST is generated by collapsing four of my weekly to-do lists, one from each season, into a multilayered percussive composition. Each beat represents one hour of the week, creating a sonic representation of an aggregate week in my life. 

Each season has four tracks, representing WORK, MEETINGS, CHORES, and SOCIALIZING. For each season, the items on its corresponding to-do list are categorized into one of these four tracks and then placed on the score at the time and day that it was intended. Completed tasks are represented as filled circles, and incomplete tasks are represented as open circles. Meetings are represented as rectangular blocks. Nested lists are represented with connecting lines and smaller circles. Items listed between days are represented in the NOTES movements (A, B, C). 

For each of the sixteen tracks, performers shall choose one household object that they associate with that particular season and track category. These objects may overlap across seasons, but should be distinct across tracks. 
For WORK, CHORES, and SOCIALIZING tracks, performers shall define two percussive, sound-generating interactions with their chosen object-instrument: one to represent a complete task, and one to represent an incomplete task.
For MEETINGS tracks, performers should define these two sound-generating interactions as well as an additional sound-generating interaction to represent time-blocked meetings.
WEEKLIST may be performed with 16 performers, one to each object-instrument; or, with 4 performers, one to each season and each with four object-instruments. 
WEEKLIST is played at one bar per second, with two bars of rest between note-movements and day-movements.